4 Questions to Ask a Shredding Company

Whether you own a business or produce a lot of personal documents that you don’t feel comfortable throwing in the trash, contracting with a professional shredding company can be a good solution. You have the reassurance of knowing that the documents you no longer want have been destroyed and no one can get their hands on them. However, not all shredding companies offer the same services. Before you hire a professional shredder, be sure to ask the questions we outline below.

How Does Your Company Keep My Information Private?

People arrange for shredding because the documents contain highly sensitive information such as financial or health data that their clients expect them to keep private. We respect this at Tristar Document Shredding. We typically have you dump your items for shredding directly into one of our containers. You are welcome to watch the process to ensure that we shred everything appropriately and that nothing is identifiable from the tiny pieces that remain at the end of the process.

Do You Offer Mobile Service?

Yes, most of our business is performed on-site at the customer’s location. This enables you to supervise the process as described above. It is also much more convenient since you don’t have to arrange to haul your items for shredding to our location in Conroe, Texas. We don’t require you to remove staples, rubber bands or anything else attached to your documents since we can shred it all.

Tristar Document Shredding provides a Certificate of Destruction once we have completed each job. If you prefer to deliver your documents to us, we offer walk-in shredding services, or we can arrange to pick up your documents.

What Can I Shred Besides Paper Documents?

We understand that businesses typically have a wide range of waste items that should not go into a trash or recycle bin. For this reason, we accept many more types of items than just paper documents. These include:

·       Counterfeit products

·       Data security

·       Defective products

·       Electronics recycling

·       Hard drives

·       License plates

·       Magnetic tapes

·       Optical Discs

·       Uniforms

·       X-rays

When it comes to the destruction of data and hard drives, simply writing over a disk is rarely enough. Destruction through magnetic or punching methods may not be adequate either. The only way to ensure true destruction of these items and meet regulations at the industry, state and federal levels is to work with a professional shredding organization such as Tristar. This also allows you to show official proof of destruction if anyone ever asks you for it.

What Types of Shredding Services Do You Offer?

A good shredding company will recognize that all customers have different needs. Some produce so many documents and other confidential items that they need to have ongoing regularly scheduled appointments to keep up with it. Others only need a one-time shredding service or an annual purge. The bottom line is that you know what your family or business requires, and you need a shredding company with plenty of options. You will find these options and more as a client of Tristar Document Shredding.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 936-788-4733 with additional questions, or visit our website for more information.

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