6 Benefits of Mobile Data Destruction

hard drive shreddingSecure Data Destruction is an important topic that most businesses take seriously – and for good reason. There are regulations and stiff penalties for noncompliance, not to mention potential PR nightmares for security breaches.

Which is why it’s critical for organizations to partner with a reputable company for their paper and hard drive data destruction needs. A company that comes to your location and completes the process on-site provides multiple benefits.

Below are six benefits of on-site mobile data destruction: 

Convenience – Mobile data destruction removes the hassle of having to transport sensitive data or physically bringing hardware to a location. It’s easy and convenient, which saves you time and increases efficiency.

You Can Witness the Process – If seeing is believing, you’ll know for a fact that your data was properly destroyed. By choosing on-site mobile data destruction you can see the process from start to finish. This provides peace of mind, because the sensitive data never leaves your location. No worrying g about what happens to it after it leaves your hands.

Professional Grade Equipment – Heavy-duty, top-of-the-line equipment is necessary to remove drives from machines and server banks. Professional equipment can turn even the most difficult jobs into scrap metal.

Ensures Regulation Compliance – Using a reputable mobile data destruction company helps ensure you are compliant with Federal, State and Industry Regulations. The process is documented so you have proof of 100% secure data destruction.

Environmentally Responsible – You can feel good knowing that members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) recycle in an environmentally responsible manner. For example Tristar Shredding recycles all of the data back into the world so not a single fragment ends up in a landfill.

Peace of Mind – Knowing that you have taken the steps to dispose of your sensitive data properly and environmentally friendly gives you peace of mind. You can sleep at night knowing that your business and your customers are as safe as possible.

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