An Affordable Option To Shredding Documents

4639119-shredded-documents-representing-privacy-or-security-protectionOld credit cards, tax records, or personal client information; these are all pieces of information you want to secure and make sure they do not get in to the wrong person’s hands. When you work with Tristar Document Shredding in Houston TX, you are going to find the ideal mobile shredding solution for residential and for commercial needs. With affordable pricing, based on your personal or business needs, you won’t overpay for the shredding services, and you will only pay for the document shredding that you need to have completed.

Affordable Rates

As a customer, you only pay by the box, by the pound, or by the job. So, if you only have to shred a couple of important documents, you are not going to pay for the entire mobile shredding space. Or, if you need to discard old hard drives, and large boxes of files, you simply pay for the items being discarded and shredded for you. With Tristar Document Shredding in Houston TX, you only pay for the services you need, and you will find affordable rates, for the type of document shredding services that you need to have performed.

Mobile Solutions To Meet Your Needs

If you are working late at the office or if you want to spend the weekend at home getting rid of hundreds of old files and documents you have sitting in the garage, we will deliver the shredding unit to your door. No need to wait several hours for a service team to come to the home or your business, and you do the work on your time schedule. If you only need the equipment for 1 hour, that is all you pay for; if you need it for the entire weekend, they will deliver, and pick it up, when you are finished. You can do all of the document shredding at home or your business, and you can go at your own pace, with the mobile shredding solution.

No Headaches or Hassles

If there are hundreds of paper clips or staples to remove, there’s no need.  If you have some documents that would not fit in a conventional shredder, this is not a problem with the industrial grade shredder. No matter what document, what type or thickness the paper is, or what information you drop in to the shredder, it will be completely destroyed in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to go page by page; simply drop everything in the shredder, and the mobile shredder will do all of the work for you.

Affordable pricing, mobile solutions, and you only pay for what you need. All of this, plus the certificate of completion, which guarantees your documents are truly destroyed, are some of the many benefits you receive when you choose Tristar Document Shreddingin Houston TX as your shredding solution. Get rid of everything safely, in a quick turn around time and for a low price, with a trusted document shredding company in the Houston area.

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