Benefits of Data Destruction On-Site or Mobile Services

paper shredding recycleData destruction is a vital service for companies that are dealing with important documents on a daily basis and need to get rid of them in a way that will make it impossible for third parties to gain access to the sensitive information they contain. The good news is companies, regardless of their size and the amount of documents they need to destroy, can now take full advantage of Data Destruction On-Site or Mobile services which will ensure that their most sensitive documents are destroyed with no chance of recovering or accessing the information they contain. In the Houston TX area, TriStar Shredding provides this service.


Mobile services

In most cases companies will choose to rent or buy a shredder in order to get rid of important documents that are no longer needed; but in some cases, this may be a great investment that your company cannot afford. When this happens, using a mobile data destruction service is the faster, cheaper, and better alternative that you need.

These services designate professionals that will come to your premises with special devices that are going to be used in order to shred the important documents you no longer need. Better yet, if you want, you can also have a representative from your company witness the data destruction specialists destroy the files that are no longer needed.


Securing the data

Before the data can be destroyed, the documents must be kept in a secure place so that no one can gain access to them. Most of the time, the documents will be stored in special bins with either a lock or a biometric security system. The data destruction company has access to these bins, but the client can also be given a key or an access code so he can access the bins.


The paper is recycled

TriStar Shredding has a special program in place that ensures the paper from the files and documents that are destroyed is recycled. The waste will of course be sent only to certified recycling partners that comply with state and federal regulations, which means that clients can have the peace of mind that their information is disposed of in a safe manner. For every document that is shredded, TriStar Shredding provides a certificate of destruction that documents the fact that the files the client provided have been completely and safely destroyed and that the data on them cannot be accessed by anyone in any way.


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