Benefits of Walk-In Shredding

No matter the size, location or industry, document and information security is critical to all businesses. Whether it includes patient information, financial records or other critical data, proper security and disposal should be a top priority. Not only for ethical reasons, but also from a legal standpoint. There are severe penalties for non-compliance, as well as potential PR repercussions that can negatively affect a business. The risks simply aren’t worth it.

Which is why many people opt to physically bring in and watch their documents and/or hard-drives in being shredded. It’s worth it for their peace of mind.

In fact, walk-in shredding has many benefits, including:

Convenience – When you have documents you need to destroy,  you simply bring it in to the center. No appointment necessary during regular business hours, and no need to wait or hold on to them until a scheduled day/time. Instead, you set the schedule according to your needs.

Any Amount – Most walk-in shredding locations, including Tristar’s new Conroe location, will accept any amount, big or small. You can pop in with a single box of documents, or arrive with multiple boxes and several hard-drives.

Paper and Hard-Drive Shredding –  You can go to one single location to safely and securely dispose of both paper documents AND hard-drives.

Peace of Mind – There is a certain peace of mind that comes with having your documents or hard-drives shredded on-site while you watch. No wondering what could happen after they leave your hands. Plus, you’ll have a record confirming that your documents have been destroyed.

Walk-in shredding is a convenient and safe way to destroy documents. If you have questions about the service, contact us directly today. Or bring your documents or hard-drives to our new walk-in location:

Tristar Document Shredding

500 North Loop 336 East, Suite 106-107

Conroe, TX 77301

Walk-in Shredding Hours:

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Saturday by appointment


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