Data Retention vs. Data Destruction

tristar-sensitive-informationCompanies and individuals today are faced with a challenging decision of choosing between data retention and data destruction. With a constant compiling of information and data taking place, individuals and businesses are left to solve the problem of constant information accumulation. Without a strategic plan for handling their data, businesses and individuals can quickly become overwhelmed by the massive amount of information that can collect. For this reason, it is critically important that a data retention and/or data destruction plan is developed and applied on a daily basis. Through creating a clear and concise plan, individuals and businesses can stay on top of their information and can ensure that they do not become overwhelmed by unmanageable loads of information. Tristar Shredding has a solution to this problem that is right for you!


Data retention provides a level of insurance for information that individuals and businesses want to keep records of for an extended period of time. In previous years and decades, data retention was a somewhat common practice due to the more manageable levels of information that were being collected and saved. Previously it was viewed that the safest way to keep information was through storing it and locking it away so that it is was available to be accessed at a later date. Today, data retention is still a practice that is utilized by many. However, its popularity has decreased as individuals have sought to limit the data loads that they are carrying and responsible for in their work and home life. With new threats to data constantly arising, individuals and businesses have now begun to increasingly look into options for limiting their data liability level.

Data destruction is utilized by many individuals and businesses to simplify the storage of the data. One of the primary benefits of data destruction is that it allows individuals and businesses to limit and avoid risk. Today the accumulation of data is constant and for the most part unnecessary. The safe elimination of data reduces the risk that information will be tampered with by individuals that should not have access to the information, and it reduces the amount of time and money required for individuals to dig through piles of information at later dates. Through creating a strategic plan that limits the types and amounts of data that are kept, liability can be limited and convenience can be increased as data is kept to manageable levels.

Data retention vs. data destruction is a decision that individuals and businesses must carefully consider to ensure that they are finding the best solution for their unique needs. Finding the right balance between these two options is a constant struggle that must be identified and addressed so that data is able to be used and stored effectively and appropriately.

Data destruction is clearly the best solution to make sure sensitive information does not get in the wrong hands. Tristar Shredding provides on site document shredding in Houston and surrounding areas. Give us a call and find out how we can help solve this problem for you!

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