Document Destruction Service in the Houston TX Area

shredder-71775_640-150x150Throwing away a piece of paper, business document, or client information is something very risky for a business to do. Also if you have personal records, medical records, or other information about your family, this is the type of information you want to keep confidential. So rather than throw these papers and documents out, the best solution for security and for your peace of mind is to shred these documents.

Mobile shredding

If you have a business, or if you simply want to clean out the attic and get rid of old papers, mobile shredding is a great way to do so. A truck will deliver a shredder to your facility, allowing you to work with it and shred any and all documents you want to get rid of. Once you are finished with the shredding, simply call the company back and they will pick up the equipment and dispose of the papers for you. Not only is this a simple way to get rid of old documents safely, it is also a solution allowing you to request services as needed.

Shredding when you need it

Whether it is a one time shredding service you need at home, or a monthly shredding service for your business, TriStar Shredding will provide you with the shredding services that are ideal for your personal or business needs. Additionally, destruction of documents on hard drives or on older computer systems is also a service which is provided by TriStar Shredding. Not only is this an efficient way to shred documents as needed, but you can also toss out your old computer files and important information safely when you choose our company for shredding and data destruction needs.

As a business owner, you want to keep your clients’ information safe. As a parent, you want to protect your child’s records and protect your own personal records. For this reason, throwing garbage and old documents out in the trash, is something to avoid doing, as any criminal can walk by and pick up these documents. From important personal information to a credit card application, you don’t want these items in the wrong hands. So, working with TriStar Shredding, a local shredding and data destruction company in the Houston TX area, is the best way to safely and efficiently dispose of information and documents you no longer need. Our service can be used on an interval or on a one time basis as needed.

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