Don’t Let Your Trash Give Identity Thieves Cash!

tristar-identity-theft1If you’re a company that deals with sensitive client information on a daily basis and disposes of it in a manner that could increase the chances of identity theft, then you’d better change your ways fast since sooner or later you may get sued by one of your clients whose identify got stolen because of you.


Most of the time companies are going to use document shredders to ensure that their customers’ private info won’t get into the hands of criminals. This is in fact a very good practice.

At Tristar Shredding we provide commercial, community and residential shredding services. Our mobile shredding unit comes directly to your location allowing you to monitor the shredding process as it happens. There is no need to remove rubber bands, stapes, or binder clips. Our shredders handle it all in one simple operation. Upon completion you will receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming your materials have been destroyed.

While we are primarily an on-site shredding services company, we can also arrange pick up of your documents and transport them to our secure facility for shredding. A Certificate of Destruction is supplied to you immediately upon completion oif the shredding.

We provide regularly scheduled service or one-time service. Our services also include destruction of hard drives, electronic media and other destruction. Physical destruction is the only guaranteed way to permanently destroy your data. Conventional hard drive formatting utilities are not enough. These programs merely delete the directories to your folders and files while the data itself remains intact. Readily available software programs can quickly reconstruct the data, giving others access to your confidential information. Tristar Document Shredding destroys your hard drives and electronic media (CD’s, DVD’s, magnetic tapes, flash drives, etc.) ensuring that no data can be reconstructed or retrieved. Before you recycle, discard, donate or sell that old computer, you must make sure it has no personal or competitive information left on it.

Our services are much more economical for businesses than paying employees to shred documents plus maintaining a shredder. Your employees are free to do other tasks which are more valuable to your company.

Tristar Document Shredding is your choice in Houston for secure, onsite document destruction. Your business generates materials containing sensitive information which could have costly repercussions without proper handling, from theft and misuse to legal fines. It is necessary to have a legally compliant, cost-effective means of destroying this information. Not only is using Tristar Document Shredding the most convenient and economical shredding solution, it is the best way to protect your company in the face of new information protection regulations.

Give us a call today at Tristar Shredding and find out how we can solve this situation for your company.

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