Hard Drive (Data) Destruction

data destrucionData destruction completely erases data from a computer’s hard drive. This is an important distinction from simply deleting files. Some people mistakenly think that when they delete files and then empty their computer’s recycle bin the data is gone. Not true. Deleting them makes it so the operating system can’t find them, but in fact the data is still there and can be recovered.

Data destruction software, however, really does erase it. It’s important to do this if you need to wipe your hard drive clean before recycling or selling a computer. If, for instance, you get a new computer and want to sell or pass on your old one it’s critical to permanently erase your personal information. You never know where it could end up, and you want to protect yourself from major problems such as identity theft. Take the extra steps to render your data completely unreadable. You don’t want to regret it later.

There are several different options for hard drive destruction. The first is to wipe the drive completely. This destroys your personal information as well as all the drive’s data. Doing this leaves the computer with a completely empty drive. The next owner will have to re-install operating systems and programs.

Another option is to only erase your personal or sensitive files. You can pick which files to delete but the software remains installed. You may choose this option if you plan to keep your computer or pass it on to a friend or relative. It saves them the hassle of re-installing software and programs.

And finally? A third method if you really want to get rid of your hard drive is to physically destroy it. Sounds sort of fun, right? It’s still a good idea to run the data destruction first, just for extra precaution. Then take it out and smash it to bits.

When dealing with sensitive information you want to be sure you have it completely erased. Do your research for which method and programs are best for your needs, and if you need an expert to help you navigate the different options, call us at (936) 788-4733 or get a free quote here.

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