Is My Business Legally Required to Shred Information?

cd shreddingIt seems that there are a lot of businesses out there which instead of destroying private documents, are actually throwing them away in the garbage bin. However, while this may be something acceptable according to the company’s policy, it actually is quite dangerous for both the company and the client, since the documents they usually throw away contain private and sensitive information that can be used fraudulently. In these cases, it’s generally recommended that the documents are shredded, but some people think this is illegal. Tristar Shredding, the on site document shredding Houston, has the solution to this problem! So is my business legally required to shred information?

Data Protection Act

Well, it seems that according to the Data Protection Act, any organization or company that deals with documents which contain sensitive or private information that can be used fraudulently by a third party, should discard them by using a shredder. If any organization or company out there breaches this act, then they can face criminal charges and may need to financially compensate the people whose documents they improperly discarded which eventually got in the wrong hands and were used for criminal purposes.

To put it shortly, the improper discarding of documents generally leads to what is more commonly known as “identity theft”. In the last few years, this issue has become more and more common, with tens of thousands of people finding out they need to pay off loans they didn’t take out and credit cards they barely used.

Professional shredding services

It’s true that some companies cannot or just don’t want to acquire a shredder in order to get rid of the important client documents instead of disposing of them in the garbage bin, but the good news is that in this case they can use shredding services. This means that a team of professionals will come to their premises and then take on the task of shredding their documents on the spot.

Therefore, if you’re a company that deals with sensitive documents on a daily basis and are currently asking yourself “Is My Business Legally Required to Shred Information?” then you know now just how important document shredding is for both you and your clients. In fact, if something goes wrong and someone gets his hands on one of your client’s private files, your client will then need to spend around three hundred hours to put their records straight, not to mention the fact that you’re most likely going to be sued shortly after.

To protect your company from being liable for information getting in the wrong hands, call Tristar Shredding today, the mobile shredding service in the Houston area. We have a solution to protect your company from any liability.

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