Keep Your Personal Documents Safe

confidential documentsSo many people are victims of identity theft – don’t let your business, or worst yet, your customers be next. With professional shredding services from Tristar Document Shredding in Houston TX, you can protect your identity, as well as that of your customers. By shredding documents, not only does it destroy any trace of names and addresses, it also lessens the risk that identity thieves will ever be able to find out what personal information was on the documents you are trashing. 

Shred it all

Piles of old bills and tax returns, your legal documents about a case, credit card information and more. Every day we throw out documents with personal information. In many instances this fact is true of businesses who are discarding personal information about their customers. By simply placing these, and other personal information documents in the trash, we run the risk of identity thieves getting hold of our personal information. To avoid it, you can rely on a professional shredding service like Tristar Document Shredding to trash these documents. Not only are the documents shred to a point where no information can be gleaned from them, they are also properly disposed of. This ensures that no one will ever get information from the documents that you are trashing.

Files on your computer

Magnetic tapes or optical discs, hard drives, and other components of your PC, get wiped out when you are ready to replace them. As a business owner, if you plan on throwing these out in a dumpster, an identity thief can easily get hold of these items, and a hacker can easily find the information on these drives, even if they have been deleted. If you are buying a new PC, personal or for business, you want the old ones to be properly disposed of. Tristar can also provide this service to you as a customer. They will not only wipe the hard drive entirely, but will properly dispose of your old computer and disc drives, to ensure the information which was once on them, will never be seen by the wrong eyes. There are so many items you want to keep personal; if this is the case, you have to use the right service provider to help you properly dispose of the items so information can’t be found.

Whether it is a pile of old legal documents, tax returns, customer information, or even a hard drive, Tristar Document Shredding can properly discard of these items for you. Both personal and business customers will be happy to know their information will never be seen by the wrong eyes and will never be in the wrong person’s hands. Protect yourself, your family, and clients by using a professional paper shredding in Houston TX. Not only are all documents and drives properly disposed of, but you also receive a guarantee that the information is disposed of in an Eco friendly manner, so all of your personal information remains personal.

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