Mobile Paper Shredding

tristar-shred-securityMobile paper shredding vehicles are great for small business needs. Not only do they provide a mechanism to get rid of documents safely, they are also readily available to meet your business needs. As a professional, you are going to hold several documents with personal information. Your clients are going to want this information protected. With mobile paper shredding, you can protect such documents. When old files have to be thrown out, or when you are no longer working with a client, you will be able to dispose of their documents and get rid of their personal information in a safe manner. At TriStar Shredding, we can destroy your old files thereby protecting private information.


For your home, mobile paper shredding vehicles are also a great way to get rid of documents. You can throw out old family documents, medical records, school records and more. From credit card statements to other important documents, you can easily shred them without compromising your family’s information to others. You do not have to compromise personal information. With the shredder in place, you can safely dispose of all important documents that you no longer need so that individuals who should not have that information will not be able to get it.

Throwing important documents out in the trash is not a smart move. Nearly anyone who wants to go through your garbage can freely do so. Even if you throw out documents in a larger dumpster, the papers that are not shredded can easily be read by the wrong individuals and will provide them with information that you do not want them to have. The same goes with business files. You do not want to simply throw these documents in the trash. If they get in the wrong hands, you can compromise quite a bit of information that you do not want the public to find out about.

When you use the mobile paper shredding service of TriStar Shredding, it is simple to get rid of documents that you no longer need. And you do not have to worry about such documents getting in the wrong hands, because you will have properly disposed of them. The shredder is a simple way to get rid of piles of paper and clutter in the office without having to worry about what will happen or who will get hold of important information.

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