Mobile Shredding Houston

shreddingYour business documents need to be kept safe. Most probably they contain important, sensitive information that cannot end up in the wrong hands or be lost. Most businesses today are archiving their documents by means of scanning and imaging, however the need to have paper based documents is still there. There will come a time when certain documents become obsolete, and as a result they will need to be discarded. However, you cannot simply go about tossing thousands of papers in the wastepaper basket. You need to make sure that the papers are obliterated, so that the information on them is not seen by the wrong people or used by someone in a way that could be harmful for your business. This is where the need for mobile shredding comes in.


For mobile shredding, Houston area companies need to make sure that they are working with TriStar Shredding. The types of shredders our company uses, the experience of our staff, and the cost effectiveness of shredding are some of the main benefits of our service.

Onsite mobile shredding services are very important in certain circumstances. Businesses may opt for regularly scheduled services or for one-time services.

Regularly scheduled services are required when there are regular documents to be shredded. In such cases an appointment will be made for regular pick-ups and the shredding will be carried out in secure, locked consoles or trucks at your business premises or offices. In such a way there will be a totally secure chain of custody throughout the whole process and the certificate of destruction will be issued.

One-time services on the other hand are ideal when large volumes of data need to be shredded or when a periodic clean-up is required. The shredding will also be carried out at your premises, as that is the main advantage of a mobile shredding service. This automatically offers more security as you would be present throughout the whole process without having had to travel to any other location. The documents will not get sorted or seen prior to the shredding. All the staff who perform these services are security-screened, and you can put your mind at rest that utmost data protection will be present. The company places a lot of importance on clients’ peace of mind and security. The secure disposal of confidential and sensitive information and data is important for any business. Thus it is important to choose TriStar Shredding. We are a reputable and experienced mobile shredding company.

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