Mobile Shredding Houston

document shredderWhether you need to discard an old hard drive with private company information, or simply need to discard some old medical files from when your kids were younger, Tristar Document Shredding has the mobile shredding solutions customers need. With both residential and commercial service offerings, you can properly discard of every piece of paper, every hard drive, and every piece of personal information or data that you don’t want to get into the wrong hands. If it is confidential and you no longer need the stacks of paper in the office, we have the solution for getting rid of these documents.


Delivered to your door

Tristar Document Shredding delivers the unit directly to your door. No need to visit a shop, or wait around all day for a service crew to stop by the office. You simply arrange to have the shredder delivered to your home or office, and work at your own pace. No need to remove rubber bands or paper clips. Have an old hard drive you need to discard, just drop it in. The industrial grade shredder will not only shred every piece of paper, but also destroy all of the larger items that are placed in the shredder as well. This is the ideal solution if you have stacks upon stacks of documents to destroy.

Confirmation of destruction

Once you drop everything into the mobile shredding, you will receive a certification of completion. This is basically your guarantee that all the documents and every piece of information that you want to eliminate from existence is gone. No need to worry about dropping old credit card receipts in the trash and a potential scam artist getting their hands on it. With this certification of completion, you have the peace of mind in knowing that if it is a document or piece of information you do not want anyone else to see, it will never be seen.

Safety for yourself, family, or clients

With the certificate of completion, you know that everything you dropped in the mobile shredding unit is deleted and completely destroyed. If it is old medical records, your kids’ information won’t be compromised. Old credit cards or bank account numbers are secure. If you have a client’s personal information, the only people who will know that information are you and your client. This is the simple solution to ensure all personal records and files, remain private.

Small shredders can only do so much and how about the large disk drive or old hard drive you need to get rid of?  You don’t have to worry any longer, Tristar Document Shredding has the solution for residential, as well as commercial business owners. If you want to shred, or otherwise get rid of certain files, you can do so with the mobile shredding unit. Simply drop everything in it, and when you are finished, it will be picked up from your home or business. The certificate of completion is your way of knowing everything was destroyed and won’t get into the wrong hands.

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