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shreddingMost businesses have tons of paperwork and documents to store. The vast majority of these is generally retained for possible referral, but generally after a certain period of time, it becomes obsolete and is not needed any more. In such cases the firm needs to get rid of all the papers and files, and this is not an easy task.


Sensitive information, transactions, bank account details and other personal records may be in such documents, and it is not safe to simply throw them away in a garbage can. Such papers should be shredded so as to make sure that all the data is obliterated. Small shredding machines may be available for sale, but these tend to be slow and can only manage a few papers at a time. So when you need to shred a lot of documents and papers, your best option is to hire a mobile shredding Houston TX company.

Backed up with several years of experience and a super efficient mobile shredding unit, we can solve this problem for you. As the name implies, we run a mobile shredding company, and so we will come to our premises, and you do not need to have to worry about travelling or carrying the tons of files and papers to us. We will simply come to you with our unit and just leave everything in our hands.

You can rest assured that all your papers will be shredded quickly, and you can stay there so as to monitor the whole process. Most clients prefer to do this as the text in the paperwork is often quite sensitive. We do not mind at all, as we understand that clients want to feel secure when they resort to shredding services. This is part of what we do – ensuring that each client gets the reassurance he/she is looking for when getting rid of all the data and information found in those files.

Another great benefit of hiring our company is that with our high quality mobile shredding unit there is no need to waste a lot of time getting the papers out of their binders, rubber bands or staples. The shredder will take care of all that too as it is sophisticated and comprises the latest technology.

Once all the paper shredding has been completed, we will also send you a Certificate of Destruction which basically guarantees that all the papers and documents you asked us to destroy were effectively destroyed. This is our way of binding ourselves that we did do what you asked us to do, and that you do not have to worry that the data that was typed or written in those papers could be made available to third parties. Confidentiality is of utmost importance in this type of service, and as reputable service providers we strive to offer a guarantee in this regard so as to put your mind at rest.

Feel free to call us for a free quote. Our professional mobile shredding Houston TX services can give you the security you need.

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