Protecting Your Client’s Information with Document Shedding

confidential paper shreddingA business has two options in dealing with confidential information once it has completed using the files or documents. It can choose to store the materials or shred them. A well thought out decision has to be made. Storing the documents requires some other system be set up, either at the premises or an off-site location. The security of the stored material is then a constant issue to be addressed. At TriStar Shredding, we render documents completely destroyed. No more doubts or worries about information being compromised.



Security of documents and confidential information involves keeping them from unauthorized persons. Any sort of unofficial access can lead to dire consequences. Sensitive documents that an identity thief or a fraudster would be looking to steal include social security numbers, accounting reports, bank statements, financial information of a business, credit card statements and business operations information. All these pose a threat to the business if they fall in the hands of criminals seeking some personal gain. However, it is fast and easy to protect your client’s information with document shredding. Furthermore, it is a time-saving and inexpensive option.


Safeguarding the clients is basically the most important part in running a business, especially one that deals with confidential information. A business can seek to gain the customers trust by protecting their information through shredding services. Necessary measures to ensure the process itself is secure should be observed. A paper shredding company provides special locked bins to place shredded documents. On hiring the company’s services, you can make arrangements either to have on-site or off-site shredding of documents.


On-site shredding, also referred to as mobile shredding, involves the company getting to the location on a set date, with their mobile shredder, and performing the service right on location. On the other hand, the company can take the bins with the documents to a secure facility where they destroy them. The common question asked is which of them is the safer method? Either option serves the business right since proper security is maintained during shredding. There after the pieces are recycled and you are issued a Certificate of Document Destruction.


Being the client, in this case, you have the alternatives and you are at liberty to choose one that makes you comfortable. Consequently, you may end up gaining your customers trust as they are confident they are not going to have their information exposed. Having to choose between storage and shredding, it would be safer to pick one that leaves you at ease and your clients contented.


At TriStar Shredding, we offer mobile shredding which is performed outside of your facility, usually in the parking lot in one of our state-of-the-art shredding trucks. Our equipment is designed specifically for document destruction. Our shredders rip paper into inconsistent patterns rendering it completely destroyed.

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