Recycled Art Projects for Kids

Shredded paper has always made a great medium for recycled art projects for kids. As adults, we already know the benefits of using our non-confidential shredded household and office paper as a great packing material or litter box addition. But children of all ages can also put that shredded paper to good use with fun art projects.

Papier Mâché Art

From Christmas ornaments to animal sculptures to masks, papier mâché is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon creating artwork. The papier mâché mixture is easily made with shredded newspaper coated with a white glue and water mixture or a solution of equal parts flour and water (or up to 2 parts water). The resulting beautiful 3D art sculptures last for years and, with a quick internet search, you’ll find many interesting projects — from the simple to the profound!

The Ultimate Paper Mache websites offers downloadable patterns for animal sculptures and masks here.

Woven Paper Art

Shredded paper is used as the the medium for weaving abstract artwork. This makes a perfect craft for kids to explore color-combining in interesting ways. Woven paper art can even be used as art lessons for the youngest of art students. presents art projects for primary school children using only strips of paper, glue, pipe cleaners and features.

For older children, you’ll also find many great paper-weaving art projects online that use shredded paper, such as optical illusion art, pop art and artistic portraits.

Wall Art Collage

Paper mosaic wall art is easy and flexible enough for all ages to create wonderful artwork to hang on the wall. The process involving filling the outline of the subject, maybe a large dog or the outline of a landscape with cross-cut shredded paper. The young artist learns to use paper as primary and secondary color to create one-of-a-kind artwork. Shredded paper collages have even been created to artistically created likenesses of well-known people.

View many excellent examples of using shredded or torn paper to create self-portraits or abstract paper mosaics as shown from the easy to the highly detailed.

Paper Bowls as Art

Using the papier mâché art medium to make colorful bowls is not only an great art project, but children are left with something they can use, treasure or give as a gift. Usually vivid construction paper is used to create a more substantial and colorful base mixture before molding into a larger plastic-covered bowl. Add a couple tablespoons of salt to the mixture to prevent the bowls from molding if the climate is prone to humidity.

Making paper bowls with shredded paper and glue is a project best conducted outside or with the floor covered with newspapers. Part of the fun is getting a little sloppy while allowing creative juices to flow into a recycled art project.

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