Secure Onsite Document Destruction For Your Protection and Your Customers’ Protection

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Choosing secure onsite document destruction (for your protection and your customers’ protection) could be one of the best things that you ever do for your business. These services are quick, convenient and will not have any significant impact on your overall productivity. The equipment that Tristar Shredding uses for these efforts is typically capable of shredding thousands of pounds of paper in an hour. Thus, no matter what the magnitude of your document destruction needs may be, you can count on getting swift and seamless results.

Get An Affordable And Reliable Solution To Your Document Destruction Needs

These services are structured for ensuring that all shredded documents are rendered irretrievable. In addition to being shred on site and with you present, these materials are then mixed with other shredded paper. Moreover, all of the resulting waste is wholly recyclable and this means that you can do something good for the environment while protecting your interests and those of your clients.

For some companies, shredding documents that contain the personal and confidential information of customers is essential for remaining in compliance with industry regulations. Having a third-party destroy these documents on your behalf eliminates the need to invest in and maintain costly shredding equipment. Best of all, given that this is all that these companies do, they will give your job their full attention from start to finish. This is not often the case when document shredding is performed in-house and with the use of slower and lower-quality shredding equipment.

How This Process Works

Documents that are tagged for destruction can be secured in locked containers on site for pick-up and processing. Your provider will then arrive with a large truck that is equipped with a heavy-duty document shredder. The locked containers will be moved to the truck and emptied directly into the attached shredding unit so that no parties are ever physically handling these confidential materials. This is the safest and surest way to protect sensitive information at all times.

Opting to perform document destruction in-house and without the use of a trusted service provider like Tristar Shredding can leave ample opportunity for sensitive information to become compromised. In addition to being less secure than using a document destruction service that performs its duties on-site, these efforts will also pull trained talent away from the duties that these individuals were hired to perform in your company. In this way, a trusted document shredding service can significantly improve your productivity and your bottom line by allowing your team to better focus on the needs of your business.

Tristar Shredding provides secure on site document shredding in Houston and nearby areas. Give us a call today to avail yourself of our service to protect your company and your customers.

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