The Benefits Of Document Shredding And Data Destruction

The best means tcd shreddingo dispose of any confidential data is by shredding. Today it’s very important that businesses and individuals have a safe way for destroying their sensitive documents to curb such criminal activities as theft and fraud. Criminals are at all times looking for specific document types for their criminal activities. Office shredders aren’t just not that safe and they consume a lot of time shredding if you have a large amount of documents to shred. The whole process of shredding documents assures that no one will ever see or steal these documents. Our document shredding services meets the criterion for all the security level classifications concerning document shredding. This is because of the effectual and safe document destruction process that your company employs when someone or a whole business enlists the services provided by a Tristar Document Shredding.


Document shredding is rising now as most individuals and businesses are going for paper shredding and data destruction options. This is as a result of being in a position with sensitive data that may have negative effects on the business in case it gets into the wrong hands. In Houston, there is free document shredding and data destruction for off-site storage facilities and palletized material, but it’s better if you paid for the best data destruction services we have in the area. Tristar Document Shredding ensures customer satisfaction, secured services and time sensitivity for all the many forms of document shredding, including legal documents, financial records trade secrets, educational records, and so on.

Any professional document shredding company must adhere to the stringent security regulations and guidelines when destroying sensitive documents. There are 2 document shredding options provided by paper shredding companies:

1. On-site Document Shredding

Most people opt for on-site paper shredding as the shredding company comes directly to where they are and shreds everything on site. Our staff undergoes training and a criminal background check prior to the coming of the company to the location. We can also provide locked bins to distribute throughout the office where the sensitive documents are can be placed until when needed for shredding.

We bring our truck with the shredding machine that is kept at the back of the truck.  The documents are then retrieved and put  into the shredder. After completing the process, you are issued with a Certificate of Destruction noting the date and time your documents were destroyed. The small eliminated pieces are transported to a recycling facility where they are re-manufactured into new products.

2. Off-site Document Shredding

Off-site paper shredding involves the company coming to your location and collecting the sensitive documents. Just like on-site document shredding,we provide locked bins to collect the different documents at different parts of the office for shredding. The  documents are collected and safely transferred to the facility meant for shredding. A certificate is issued showing the date and time you destroyed your sensitive documents. The small eliminated pieces are transported to a recycling facility where they are re-manufactured into new products.

Benefits of Document Shredding

Responsible disposal

There is no need to remain with debris after destroying the organization’s stockpiles of storage media. A specialized recycling company will assist in collecting the material left behind so as to dispose it in a responsible way.

Save you from Legal Action

A hard disk drive seems useless; however, with the right tools it’s possible to recover your data. In case this happens to a bank, company or hospital, susceptible data such as the details of the customer, patient records, credit information, business strategies, etc., may get into the wrong hands. This can lead to really serious legal problems.

Provide various services

Even though crushing is an effectual means of making information unrecoverable, there are several other ways used by professional data destruction companies. A number of companies use degaussing (process of eliminating the magnetic properties of hard drives). A magnetic field is used. Crushing a storage device is preferred by most organizations as it’s a technique that ensures that no sensitive data leaves the premises.

The best way of destroying documents permanently without worrying about security breach is document shredding and electronic data destruction. It’s easy and safe!

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