What Happens After Your Documents Get Shredded?

paper shredding recycleProfessional shredders have become the go-to guys for firms looking to dispose of old documents without giving out useful information. Your security is guaranteed, and you also get rid of paper that is no longer of use. Offsite, mobile and drop-off shredders make the process easy for you, no matter your situation.

Why shred?
While shredding helps you dispose of unused paper, it’s also good for the environment as the shredded paper is recycled. Professional shredders partner with recycling companies to transport the shredded paper to a recycling facility. The recycler can then bale the paper and make the bales ready for shipping. They can later be transported to a suitable paper mill which will manufacture useful products for the market.

What becomes of the shredded paper?
Once we finish shredding your paper, we remain with tiny bits of paper, most of which take the shape of confetti. These pieces can be put to good use once they make their way to a reputable recycling facility. At the facility, the shredded paper is chemically washed and exposed to heat in a vat of chemically treated water; this process breaks down the paper.

Impurities are then removed using a screen that the paper is pressed against. Any remaining ink will then be washed out, and the paper will be ready to make new products after being bonded and dried. Rollers are used to complete the final step. It only takes a couple of hours to convert your shredded paper into something useful.

Toilet paper, paper towels and writing paper are some of the new paper products that can be manufactured from the remains. Once we are done, we ensure that the shredded paper does not join other wastes in a landfill. This helps you lower your office’s carbon footprint.

The benefits of a professional shredder
Recycling facilities hardly ever accept personal paper shreds mostly due to their small sizes. Professional shredders are preferred as they supply the paper shreds in bales, making them easier to handle. A single bale is made when about 2,000 pounds of paper is compressed. We will give you a certificate of destruction whenever you make use of our shredding services, proving that you comply with the paper disposal policies put in place.

The downside of office shredders
Some firms have opted for office shredders, but these are not as effective as professional shredders, especially on the environment front. Part of the office shredded paper ends up in the trash and, in turn, jeopardizes the environment as well as the firm’s confidentiality.

In a nutshell, it’s practically impossible to run a tidy office without disposing of reams of paper from time to time. Invest in a professional shredder to get this done. Contact Tristar Document Shredding for an environmentally friendly document-shredding solution.

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