What Happens When Whole Nations Ban Electronic Waste?

Each year around the world, people throw out 50 million tons of old electric and electronic gear (known as electronic waste, or e-waste). This makes e-waste the fastest-growing segment of worldwide waste. And only a fifth of e-waste — that’s anything with a battery or plug — winds up in the official refuse and recycling schemes.

North Americans produce at least three times more e-waste per person than the world’s average. And the United States hasn’t ratified the Basel Convention, which keeps most countries from letting e-waste cross their borders if it contains heavy metals that could harm workers in the recycling industry.

Today, with China banning incoming e-waste, old gear is flowing into Thailand without permission. Police raids can’t keep up with the problem, and Thai workers incur health risks when dismantling improperly imported waste products containing lead and cadmium.

Do It Right. Have Tristar Dispose of Your Old Electronics.

In Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, we handle all waste responsibly, including your old appliances and PCs, laptops, tablets, flash drives, floppy disks, magnetic tapes and CDs. Shredding may also be important for advanced printers and copiers with hard drives.

Bring your documents and e-waste to have them shredded on-site at our Conroe, Texas, location while you watch. We dispose of all e-waste entrusted to us through eco-conscious methods that follow pertinent codes and laws.

Contact Tristar Document Shredding with any questions about how you can have sensitive material securely and properly destroyed.

Yes, Devices Can Be Shredded. Here’s Why You Should Have It Done.

Ready to recycle, donate or discard some old electronic gear? First you must be sure it has no clients’ information, personal information or trade secrets left on it. The last thing you need is for passwords, financial information or sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. A shredder crushes hard drives and tears them into miniscule bits, making data irretrievable.

  1. Traces of information on your personal device could enable fraud.

Your cell phone has stored GPS data, passwords, financial account access, sensitive communications, and personal details and photos of people we know. Does that include information you absolutely, positively cannot afford to leak? Restoring the factory settings on your phone is not enough, as authentication tokens may still be found and enable fraudsters to access confidential materials you’d meant to erase. Nor is removing the SIM card enough. All devices have internal data storage components as well as (or instead of) a SIM card. As technology evolves, so do hackers. A tiny piece of data in shrewd hands can wreak havoc.

  1. The only guaranteed way to wipe information from a phone is by having a professional shred it.

Typically, people and companies wipe old devices to prevent security breaches; yet data often remains recoverable. Degaussing alone is ineffective, although it works very well when combined with shredding.

We Service Business and Residential Clientele Throughout Texas

We are happy to dispose of household e-waste, and we can also provide onsite waste handling for community and commercial needs.

Give us a call at 936-788-4733. Out of our area code? Call us toll-free: 1-888-747-3397. Or visit our website to get a free quote.


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