Why Should Our Company Shred?

paper-shredding4-300x132Many industries and economy sectors are required by law to use professional paper and document shredding services. These industries include medical entities, like hospitals and healthcare centers, as well as legal and government agencies. These companies and agencies are required by law to carefully monitor the trail of the documents, including personal information as well as other sensitive documents, and to also ensure their physical destruction according to specific regulations. The companies are obliged to choose a professional document and paper shredding company. These companies are fully certified to destroy any type of document, whether it is stored on digital devices or on paper. 

If you ever wondered “why should our company shred?”, here is a list of how this service works and why it is beneficial for your company:

1. A professional paper shredding company is a far better choice than a normal office paper shredder. They are fully equipped with industrial shredders and they have a team of professionals that will pick up your documents regularly. Your information is protected at all times and discretion is their top priority.

2. They offer complete and guaranteed destruction of every type of document, including hard drives, laminated documents, paper documents and any other materials. The employees will never handle the documents and will not be able to see or study the sensitive documents during the destruction process. The whole system is automated and the waste is recycled.

3. Depending on the quantity of paper, type of paper and the frequency of shredding, you can get a great price offer. The location of the company, its size and the type of activity is also important when getting a price quote.

4. The safety element always comes first for a professional paper shredding company. Because these companies must follow a strict set of guidelines, they will provide you with great safety measures. For instance, they will give you a special enclosed box where you can deposit your documents until the destruction process. The box is locked to ensure complete safety at all times. After the destruction, you will get a certificate of destruction that will attest the process. The certificate can be shown to customers who may be concerned about their private information.

5. Professional paper and document destruction companies can destroy even your electronic devices, such as laptop computers, desktop computers, hard drives, voice recorders and other storage devices. Just like other documents, you will receive a valid certificate of destruction.

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