Why Your Company Needs A Data Destruction Service

hard drive shreddingNowadays, you always hear about data breaches and how they are increasing. That’s why it is more important than ever for companies to ensure that their electronic data destruction and document shredding is secure and acquiescent with the law in order to avert risk of being fined. Using an expert and certified establishment to dispose of your paper and electronic data is the best means of guaranteeing that your business stays compliant with state and national regulations.


Why Shred?

Businesses are responsible for the data they collect. Shredding classified data to safeguard personal information and sensitive corporate-data is a wise move, particularly when you think about the rising financial cost of a security breach along with the momentous damage it causes to a company’s reputation. Research shows it can take up to a year to pull-through a security breach.

With the growth in security, threats from around the world, and more rigorous privacy legislation, small and large businesses alike must take the necessary steps to avoid becoming one of the annual victims of fraud and identity theft.

Here are Several Important Reasons to Shred Private Data

1.  You decrease the risk of a security breach. Studies prove that 43% of security breaches are due to physical causes like dumpster-diving. If data is shredded right then and there, there is nothing in the rubbish for thieves to get hold of. In addition, it reduces the company’s risk of a breach.

2.  It prevents identity theft. It is believed that one in ten individuals are currently victims of the fastest growing form of fraud worldwide. Shredding data at the source, whether it is paper shredding or electronic media destruction, keeps it from getting into the wrong hands.

3.  You improve privacy security. At least 41% of privacy breaches comes from simple human-error. By executing a shred-all policy, you can eradicate document management perplexities.

4.  Legislative compliance is improved. Shredding documents prior to disposing of them, safe chain-of-custody measures, and an official document of destruction, are steps in an all-inclusive strategy that helps any sized business get in line with increasingly strict privacy laws.

5.  Decrease environmental damage. Each person produces 6.4 lbs of trash each day; therefore, it is no surprise that companies are searching for more sustainable means without compromising privacy protection. For example, recycling paper after it has been securely shredded is one way for a company to decrease their environmental footprint.

6.  You secure more than paper. Comprehensive data security is more than securing data on paper; it means electronics, DVDs, hard drives, along with additional proprietary non-paper items like casino chips, cards, checks, medical bracelets, product samples, prototypes, and more.

A Paper and Data Destruction Service is what you Need

Document destruction is not only important for shielding your company from theft and fraud, document-shredding is the best means of assuring that you will be safe from perils and legal liability when getting rid of documents containing sensitive data.

It is not only important to shred, it is also important to know what to shred. If problems arise, you want to be ready with the right paper and data destruction service at hand. By using professionals to effectively take care of document destruction and document shredding, the worry is eliminated because you know you data is being disposed of properly.

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